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My name is Lisa Robinson, and I am a retired educator who for many years had an artist inside of me that I didn't have time to let out.  Now that I am retired and the kids are grown, I have allowed my inner artist to blossom.

My art takes different forms, but I am most passionate about repurposing metal and wood together into lamps and furniture.  It is my goal to make the wood and metal work together to be pleasing to the eye and functional.  There is something comforting about bringing back to life items that were destined to be forgotten.  Woodworking and taking ideas from paper designs to finished pieces gives me a sense of accomplishment and great pleasure. 

I have recently added a laser to my shop and  can customize any wood or leather to meet your needs. From cutting boards to awards and everything in between we can design and make something that unique and interesting and shows off your character!

I use a digital printer to make custom shirts and home goods.  Whether you need one or one hundred, I can design and print it for you.

Most of my work is commissioned, but if you see something you like, we can work to design a piece just for you. 


Please contact me and let's make something!


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